Decision on North Bosque River public access comes on Monday

Thursday, February 14, 2013 - 4:08pm

A public meeting was held this week to discuss the future of an access point to the North Bosque River.

The fight between property owners and the general public is a strip of land about ten-feet wide and 100-feet long.

Bob Hanley is lawyer from McLennan County.

He and three others started a petition to keep access to the Bosque River open to the public.

“It’s a neat place to be," said Hanley. "I go down there as much as I can. You see people down there picnicking and taking their families fishing.”

Local property owners whose backyard blend into the riverbanks want access closed.

Residents tell KWKT they’ve had confrontations with rivergoers before. They say partiers litter the woods nearby.

But Hanley argues against a rash plan.

“Let’s address the criminal problem," said Hanley. "Let’s define it and find out what it is. Let’s take steps to address it. The law-abiding users of that property will be all for that and do everything we can do to help the current problem."

"These few people trespassing and being rude and being stupid, they are causing problems for the vast majority of us who are simply trying to enjoy a resource that the public has had a right to for as long as anybody can remember," said Hanley.

A county court is expected to decide on the issue Monday.

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