What Can You Do When Children Get Dog Bites?

POSTED: Friday, October 26, 2012 - 11:48am
UPDATED: Monday, October 29, 2012 - 1:35pm

Your child comes running through the front door screaming and crying. You ask what happened and you are told that the neighbor's dog bit them. What do you do?

You see blood and teeth marks and your first feelings are helplessness. The first step is to stay calm. If you are calm and peaceful, your child will see that and will hopefully react to that calmness. You must then seek medical treatment because of the possibility of rabies. Do not attempt to treat a dog bite yourself. Take your child to the hospital and get professional treatment.

There is always a chance of a dog having a disease of some kind and it being passed to your child. There is also a chance that even after being treated, your child could become infected.

There are many dogs in Atlanta and some dog owners are very careless in how they allow their dogs to just run free.

After your child is treated you should find out where exactly the dog is located and file a police report. The animal control department might do something about the situation but don't stop there. Report the incident to the Atlanta health department, also.

It doesn't matter if the owner is a "nice person" or not, an incident such as this needs to be noticed. One thing all this reporting does is take the first step to identifying a possibly dangerous dog.

The last step is to contact an Atlanta dog bite attorney. It is only fair that the dog owner covers all expenses of this unfortunate incident. You can ask them first, of course. But if you don’t feel safe doing so, a lawyer can get involved to help out.

An Atlanta dog bite attorney on your child's side will show the reasons that the dog owner should pay all expenses and, possibly, any punitive damages for neglect. A dog owner has a big responsibility to keep other people safe from their animals or to train and keep the dogs safe to begin with. When they take that responsibility, they have an obligation to follow all laws. When someone is hurt because of their failure of that responsibility, they have to pay. Your Atlanta dog bite attorney will get that done for you.

Remember to stay calm and take your child to a hospital. If it is another person's child, follow the same steps and contact the parents. We need to protect children from harm. Don't allow a dog bite ruin their future. 


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