Baylor University celebrates 60th anniversary of 'Dr. Pepper Hour'

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 4:40pm

Tuesday marks a milestone for a long-standing campus tradition at Baylor University. Students celebrated the 60th anniversary of the beloved "Dr. Pepper Hour" with cake, candy, pictures, and of course, dr. pepper.

Hundreds of students flooded the student center to take part in the celebration.

"The drinks may have changed, but the tradition has remained the same," said Jordy Dickey, Assistant Director of the Student Union.

This tradition started in 1953 with "Coffee Matinee", then it became "Coke Hour". And, in '97 the name "Dr. Pepper Hour" came to be.

"Seeing that 60 year tradition, obviously there's small changes here and there, but we still maintain that community every Tuesday for an hour," said Student Union Events Coordinator, Jennifer Cook.

The university implemented the Tuesday social hour as a chance for students, faculty, alumni, and others to come together and fellowship.

"It's just a chance to take a break and be in community. And so, we're all about community here at Baylor. And, we just want to keep that going for another 60 years," said Dickey.

So, what was everyone most eager to indulge in at the milestone celebration?

"Obviously the floats, that's our key thing here for Dr. Pepper Hour. But, on top of that, for today specifically, we're bringing back the glass bottles," said Cook.

And, no celebration is complete, without lasting memories captured on camera.

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