Cameron Park Zoo says goodbye to two of its tigers

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - 3:19pm

Cameron Park Zoo in Waco is saying goodbye to two of its own.

“These guys are kind of special to us here,” said Zoo Director Jim Fleshman.

Induh and Bugara are being transported to Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo in Indiana first thing Thursday morning.

“They’ll get shared with a lot more people now,” said zoo visitor, Patricia Lake.
It's part of a plan to save their species.

"We know that we're helping the species of Sumatran tigers, as a whole, you know, maintain their genetic diversity. And, we know that they're going to a good home," said Fleshman.

This brother and sister pair was born at the zoo about 18 months ago and were hand-raised by zoo staff because their mother neglected them. And, although everyone is sad to see them go, zoo officials say sending them upstate is best for everyone.

"Kind of sad because we're not going to see those particular tigers anymore, but you know, it is still fun to come to the zoo," said Lake.

Five other tigers, all kin to the two leaving, will remain on display at the zoo.

"We still have the father, the mom, and her second litter, which she is raising. And so, they're on exhibit on a regular basis," said Fleshman.

Induh and Bugara won't be put on exhibit until after a 30-day quarantine once they reach Indiana.

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