Business for local Christmas tree farm booming

Monday, December 3, 2012 - 3:44pm

Paper or plastic? We're not talking about shopping bags, but Christmas trees.

Do you prefer convenience or authenticity?

“This place used to be a diary farm many, many years ago,” said Robert Garber, owner of the Silo Christmas Tree Farm just outside of Temple.

Garber says business has been booming. And much of the clientele, he notices, tends to be young families.

"A lot of people when they start having children, they remember back in their childhood when they had real Christmas trees at home,” said Garber.

The Steadman family came out to the farm Sunday and after searching for a couple minutes, they found a winner.

“Can we get this one?” asks Garbers’ son.

Picking out a tree has become a tradition for the growing family.

"My son, as soon as Thanksgiving hits, and it was all done, all he could talk about was Christmas and how we’re going to get a tree,” said Steadman.

So, why not plastic trees?

Garber said, "It's real, ya know? Why would you want to fake everything? At turkey time on Thanksgiving, do you ever want an artificial turkey? No."

Steadman agrees.

"The joy of bringing your kids out here to find the tree, whether you are cutting one down or picking one up at the store. Everything packaged up to find that perfect tree. It just makes the holidays."

Garber said the trees are selling fast but he promises the supply should be fine for the next couple of weeks.

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