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Abdo planned attack on local restaurant, worries residents

POSTED: Friday, July 29, 2011 - 4:55pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

KILLEEN -- As more details emerge on Nasser Jason Abdo's planned attack, people living around Fort Hood are growing increasingly concerned.

According to court documents Abdo told authorities he planned to construct two bombs in his motel room, packing them into pressure cookers then detonating the explosives at an unnamed restaurant.

Locals say they now feel their safety is in jeopardy, ironically at a place where people should feel the most safe.

"It's scary to know that we should feel safe here," said Veronica Escamilla, a Killeen resident and military wife. "You know, it's a military town and you know just knowing you know what if he had gone into a restaurant or the mall, it's summertime, the water parks, you know just thinking about that and what would have happened."

And some are questioning the military.

"It's just crazy, I mean knowing that, he was also a member of the military, also knowing now that throughout his career, like, there were so many red flags that had gone up, and so many people ignored 'em. Just always makes me, it always makes me worry or wonder, who else is out there and what else is going to happen," said Jerry Moseley, a Fort Hood Scout.

And Escamilla said in a military family, there is already enough to worry about .

"We already worry about our spouses being deployed and then we also have to worry about being home and you know, are we gonna be ok when we leave our house," said Escamilla.


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