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Aggie bonfire won't burn because of drought

POSTED: Monday, November 21, 2011 - 5:06pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

ROBERTSON COUNTY -- Every year the Aggie Bonfire burns the night before the A&M - Texas game.

And it's a rivalry that's been a long-standing tradition that's soon coming to an end now that the Aggies are moving to the SEC and thanks to the drought, the Aggie Bonfire, built every year for the Thanksgiving Day game,  won't be able to burn one last time for UT.

The Aggie - Longhorn rivalry dates back over 100 years and each year the two teams play, Aggie students light a bonfire, to represent their burning desire to beat UT.

Sophomore Bernardo Gonzalez said, "You know it's a way for everyone to say goodbye to a long-time tradition that's been here in the school and that everyone loves. You know it brings the whole school together and everyone is participating. It's really fun to do."

But this year Aggie's won't get that chance, thanks to the drought.

"We had been keeping track of it, especially after last year's drought and burn ban status and you know, we've been in a ban pretty much all year basically so we've been keeping an eye on it and we had a suspicion but we just waited until Friday to make our decision. We were trying to keep up hope until the last minute," said Bonfire vice president, Travis Springer.

This will be the second year in a row the bonfire won't burn and students say it's disappointing to hear because Thursday's game will be the end of a rivalry between these Big 12 teams.

"As an Aggie we're all about tradition, so it's really sad to see any tradition come to an end. Well not really to an end but have a pause put on it just because of a burn ban," said junior, Evan Fitch.

Gonzalez said, "I'm sure we can keep it alive in some way but it sure will be missed."

And Springer says the student group plans to do just that. Even though the rivalry between A&M and Texas will be no longer, the tradition of bonfire will continue.

"It's kind of evolved into something much bigger than the football game and so basically next year the outhouse on top will be whatever team we're playing the week of thanksgiving," Springer said.

The student group plans to light the bonfire as soon as the burn ban is removed.


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