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Animal hoarding case in Killeen

POSTED: Friday, March 11, 2011 - 5:23pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

KILLEEN -- Nearly 100 cats were found in a single home in Killeen. A number overwhelming the Killeen animal control shelter.

Now they are working on what to do with the animals. More than 60 cats were rescued from an extreme hoarding case. Animal Control Officer, Stacie Sherva has been rescuing animals for 23 years and says she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the home.

"That's probably one of the worst hoarding cases that I've seen. It was very surprising that anyone would live there," says Sherva. "Typically, when you find a hoarding case like that, the humans don't live there anymore. They've moved out and left the rest of the house to the animals."

Animal control didn't release the location of the home, but they did say police were initially called out because people reported a dead body smell. That's when they found nearly 80 cats had taken over the home.

"It's hard to believe that it gets like that, but I don't live their lives so I don't know what their day to day life is. I think she just didn't realize how quickly they were accumulating," says Sherva.

Now, it's up to animal control to take care of the cats in numbers that doubled the shelter's capacity. Kennel Technician, Paula Schmidt says it's a heavy burden.

"Cats are usually easy to clean, but not in a huge amount of numbers.So it's just difficult," explains Schmidt.

On top of basic care for the cats, animal control says 40 of them could potentially have a deadly, contagious disease.

"Right now, we're just kind of teeter-tottering between, did we do this, and the end result is just going to be them put to sleep or dying anyway. So we all have some mixed feelings about it," says Sherva.

The former owners of the cats aren't being identified. Animal control did leave them with 19 cats saying it is a reasonable number to leave in their care.

The shelter is asking for volunteers to help care for the animals, and they're giving away free adoptions due to the sheer numbers.

To make a donation or to volunteer, click here.


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