Brazos County will implement no refusal program this holiday weekend

POSTED: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 5:21pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

BRYAN -- Over the next few days there will be more police on the roads watching out for reckless driving.  One thing cops will be looking for in particular this weekend is drunk driving.

Officer Agnew, with the Bryan Police Department said, "We have banded together with our other local law enforcement agencies here in Brazos County to do a no refusal weekend."

That means if you get pulled over and they suspect you of drinking and driving, expect to give a breath or blood sample. No excuses.

"If you don't wish to participate and you say no we have magistrate standing by to sign an evidentiary search warrant to obtain your blood. Meaning we will not take no for an answer," says Agnew.

The no-refusal program has been extremely successful in the past. There's been a significant decrease in DWI activity.

Agnew said, "Now we've seen this work in Montgomery County. They've had a 70 percent drop in manslaughter, intoxication manslaughter charges and in other counties they've seen no drunk driving fatalities at all."

Officer Agnew recommends that you plan early and have a designated driver set before you start to celebrate. 

The no refusal program starts Friday and will run through Monday.


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