Bryan murder suspects in jail

POSTED: Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 4:43pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

BRYAN -- Billy Joe Menard JR. of Bryan was laid to rest Wednesday morning after he was shot and killed in his home over the weekend but tonight his family and friends can have a little bit of closure as his suspected killers sit behind bars.

Billy Joe Menard's life was cut short when three men shot him at his apartment.

Menard's mother, Leticia Menard said, "He did not deserve this. No one does."

Police were called to the Wilde Oaks Apartment complex at around 4 a.m. this past Saturday after neighbors heard gunshots and found Menard dead in his doorway.

"The front door had entry marks from where rounds had been fired through the door," said Assistant Chief, Peter Scheets.

Police immediately began an investigation and thanks to testimony from witnesses and friends, Menard's alleged killers are now behind bars.

"They determined that Chris Hernandez and Clayton Thompson had been the two individuals that had gone to the apartment that evening in an attempt to confront Mr. Menard," Scheets said.

According to police documents there was a third suspect with them that night, 18 year-old Travis Carroll.

Scheets said, "He was the nexus for the event. He had meet with him earlier with the victim, Mr. Menard, and there was a dispute over narcotics, specifically marijuana."

Both Thompson and Carroll were arrested Wednesday and this morning, Hernandez turned himself in.

Billy's mom, Leticia, says it helps to know the suspects have been found.

"Nothing is going to bring Billy back but I don't know if it brings relief but it makes me happy at least they caught them."

Leticia says she's now focused on seeing that her son gets justice and that people remember him for who he was.

"Don't forget him. He was a really good person, he had a lot of friends and he had a really big heart. That's all I have."

All three men are charged with murder and are in the Brazos County Jail, each on $100,000 bond.

Leticia says she plans to come back to Bryan to see the case through.


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