College Station breaks ground on new fire house

POSTED: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 - 3:46pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

COLLEGE STATION -- When an emergency happens firefighters are usually the first ones on the scene but for College Station businesses and homeowners near University Drive that isn't necessarily the case. But that's about to change soon.

University Drive is home to hotels, businesses, restaurants, even neighborhoods but something's been missing until now, a fire station.

"One of the things you always look at as a Fire Chief is trying to make sure that you stay ahead of the growth in your community and make sure that you have the resources available to respond in any given moment and Station Six will allows us to do that," said College Station Fire Chief, R.B. Alley.

The College Station Fire Department broke ground today for their new fire house.

Exciting progress for firefighters and surrounding neighbors.

"You know, it wouldn't take them as long to get here, maybe a minute or two minutes and if there's a fire, it's very important because they can get here real quickly for us," said Darleen Williams, a neighborhood resident.

The closest fire station is almost a mile away meaning it takes fire fighters more than five minutes to respond to an emergency. Fire Station Number Six will cut that response time in half.

"A fire will double in size about every two minutes so the quicker we can get on the scene and catch it when it's small and put it out. If you're thinking about emergency medical calls and someone is having a heart attack... we need to make sure we can get on the scene and treat that patient quickly so we can get them to the hospital and get them treated so they can survive," said Chief Alley. 

Station Six will be the largest in College Station, housing three companies and up to 39 staff members.

The station is scheduled to open in September 2012.


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