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Community steps up security after double homicide

POSTED: Friday, April 22, 2011 - 2:55pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

WACO -- Two murders in one night at Lakewood Villas in Waco last month has the complex stepping up security.

Fox 44 went with security officers as they patrolled the area in an effort to keep residents safe.

One trespass warning was issued while we were there.

Manager of the apartment, Deshoundalin Powell, says after last months double homicide, they had to do something to stop the violence.

"No one else will go out and make effort rebuild the community. It has to start here. If it starts here, then we can get the residents to back us up," said Powell.

That's why they hired security to monitor the property.

Police veteran Bill Kevil is one of the officers. He says stopping the violence starts with the residents.

"If they tolerate the outsiders coming in here and causing disturbance, tearing things up, doing the shooting like happened a couple of weeks ago... if they tolerate that stuff, it's going to continue," said Kevil.

Now that the community has stepped up, security can maintain the peace.

Security officers patrol this complex through the night, asking people on the streets why they're there. If they're not supposed to be there, they get kicked out.

That's what happened Friday when officers saw a man who had already been warned off the property.

Now residents like Elma Mack that were once afraid to come out of their homes say they are feeling free.

"I don't see them hanging out all the times of the night. They are making them get in at a certain time, and the kids are not running around. So, it's pretty good since they came," said Mack.

Police and security officers have met with residents on how to keep their community safe, and managers are organizing events to bring everyone together.

Their first community event starts Saturday at 2:00 pm where residents will have a cookout and Easter egg hunt.


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