Grimes County residents evacuated due to wildfire

POSTED: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 3:07pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

GRIMES COUNTY -- As these wildfires continue to rage on, more and more people are being forced to evacuate and leave their homes behind and the residents of Grimes County are no exception.

Firefighters aren't the only ones who can't catch a break from all these wildfires.

Grimes County can't either.

"Their morale is probably shot in this area number one, especially Dyer Mill fire victims," said Grimes County Sheriff, Donald Sowell.

And Bob Lindgren was one of those victims who lost everything earlier this summer. Now he's worried that might happen again.

"My house wasn't even close. All the fire was going east then the winds came in the afternoon and blew it in right in on top of me and I got one chance to go in and get my possessions," Lindgren said.

And he's not alone in his concern. Many Grimes County residents don't know if their houses are standing or not.

As of now, only one house has burned due to the wildfires.

The wind is making it difficult for firefighters to control and contain the flames, so Ted Haddox, worries his house might share the same fate.

"I figured I was safe because the winds had laid down some but this morning they came back there and told us mandatory evacuations and come to find out there's a fire up above us and now it's coming towards me," said Haddox.

Sheriff Sowell said, "It's predictably unpredictable as we speak."

Residents living in the Fire Fox and the Holly Hills subdivisions, as well as Country Road 351 are all under mandatory evacuations.

For the latest evacuations and updates on that fire, click here.


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