Groesbeck cleans up after devastating tornado

POSTED: Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 4:34pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

GROESBECK -- Tornados touched down in parts of Central Texas Tuesday night, but Groesbeck seemed to get the brunt of the damage.

Weather officials say an F-4 might be to blame. Now the community is left picking up the pieces.

Crews were hard at work Wednesday morning, cleaning up the destruction left behind.

Arthur Nutt said he could here it coming from his home.

"We could hear that just steady, train-like roar, and I knew it was a tornado," said Nutt.

The storm ripped through downtown Groesbeck, taking out trees, power lines and buildings.

David Moore's office is downtown, and he came through late Tuesday night to see what was left of it.

"Couldn't get through much of the town because the fire departments had the roads blocked. Some of the lines were down and things like that. Just a lot of devastation, and I think we're lucky that right now I haven't heard of anyone getting hurt, actually physically hurt, but there's a lot of property damage," said Moore.

Property damage is right. Rooftops were scattered all around the city, store awnings were blown off and broken power lines and lights lined the streets.

The 14-foot steeple at First Baptist Church was actually blown off, ending up in a parking lot across Main St.

Fire Chief Charles Bratcher says he witnessed the debris flying around in the sky.

"I stepped outside and could see the downtown area as the tornado struck. We definitely saw debris sucked up into the storm itself," said Bratcher.

Chief Bratcher says he's only seen this one time before when a tornado struck four years ago, killing one.

"I certainly saw the damage from that particular tornado, and it's one of those things once you see that kind of damage, you don't forget it," said Bratcher.

This time around, no one was injured. However, officials estimate more than $500,000 worth of damage.


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