Killeen asks community to ban together in abduction task force

POSTED: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 3:11pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:53am

KILLEEN -- A recent rash of child abductions happening at school bus stops has officials in Killeen extremely concerned. Now, they are starting a child abduction task force.

A child predator who kidnapped and sexually assaulted two little girls on their way to school is still loose in Killeen.

After hearing about the abductions, City Council member, JoAnn Purser says she knew something had to be done. "We have to do something, and we can't just continue to let this behavior happen. We've got to train our community to be aware of what to look for, and together, we can get our kids safely to and from school," said Purser.

It started two months ago when a little girl was taken from the bus stop in the earlier morning.

Earlier this month, a similar situation: a girl was found in the woods after being abducted and sexually assaulted.

Two weeks later, a suspicious man tried to get a little boy in his car in Fort Hood.

The news leaves parents fearing for their children's lives.

"I visualize these young kids, the age of my daughter, age 8, babies, being violated. It's just terrifying. I get these terrifying feelings," said Dorothy Gardner. She says the school her little girl goes to has already stepped up.

They have teachers with the children from the moment they get to the bus stop until they are in the school.

Killeen hopes to do the same in Jan. by partnering with police and school officials, and a mass campaign by the city calls on people from the community.

They are asking community members to step up and help watch these children as they wait for the bus in the morning.

The volunteers will go through background checks and training on what to look out for, and they will be  safe place for children to go if they see anything suspicious.

The city will be holding meetings at the schools in the coming weeks to go over the issue.

There are thousands of bus stops in Killeen, and Purser says community members will have to work together to keep them safe places for children.


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