Local nurseries surviving the drought

POSTED: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 2:49pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

WACO -- When it's this hot and dry and using water is discouraged, things like landscaping can go by the wayside.

Eugene Houck, from Westview Nursery and Landscape, said he has had less customers in recent weeks.

"During a severe drought, is that customers don't come in because they don't want to work in the yard. they don't know if they have enough water to water new plants," said Houck.

Houck said growing your own plants is still possible in these conditions.

"People don't realize it but probably twice a week is ample to water. If they'll set up a schedule where They could water twice a week, I think they wouldn't have any problem with anything," said Houck.

Debby Boyd, with Greenlife Nursery, said her business is still thriving even in these hot summer months.

"Business is great. We, like I said, we have a loyal fan, a loyal customer base, and, our customers are great," said Boyd.

Greenlife conserves water by using a different method of watering instead of an irrigation system.

"Here at Greenlife we do hand water so we're able to, monitor the water usage better," said Boyd.

Boyd said its important to also tell their customers ways to conserve their water as well as their plants.

"Nurseries say its important to mulch your plants during the summer months because not only does it lock in moisture, it prevents the roots from drying out," said Boyd.

Both nurseries say the time of day is also key.

"Main thing is probably not to water between ten in the morning and six in the afternoon. that's when they lose so much from the sun, is dehydration."


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