Police warn businesses to be on the look-out after rash of robberies

POSTED: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 3:34pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

WACO -- Eight holdups in five days in Waco. Now, police are warning business to be on the look-out.

"We are asking people to be aware, to make sure they know what's going on in and around the businesses. Kind of look out for each other, if there's businesses beside each other, make sure they keep an eye on each other," says Sgt. Patrick Swanton with the Waco Police Department.

Darrell Bryant noticed something was wrong before his salon was robbed by a black man covering his face with bandanas.

"We saw someone run past the window. We knew someone was coming, but we didn't automatically think, until we saw him with bandanas on the face, that something's not right about that," said Bryant after Salon Da Da was robbed May 13.

The same situation at Acceptance Insurance Tuesday. The victim says she saw a man running beside the building, but before she could call for help, a gun was already in her face.

In that situation, police say just give the robber what they want.

"In these circumstance, there are handguns and weapons involved. We don't want to see anybody get hurt over any amount of money," says Sgt. Swanton.

Witnesses of that robbery say they did notice a suspicious vehicle parked behind the insurance company Monday. The vehicle was a burgundy Buick, and the driver was described as a bald, black man. However, the man who robbed the store on Tuesday is described as a black man with a mustache and a goatee.

Now the store is stepping up security, starting with keeping their doors locked. Other victims are doing the same.

"We've already gotten more security issues put in place, and yes, we will try to make ourselves feel safer and be more aware," said Bryant.

Police say in some cases you can pick out suspicious people to prevent these robberies.

"When you're coming and going back and forth from your place of business to your car, look around in the parking lot. Know what's there; know what's normal and what's not, and let us know," says Sgt. Swanton.

Detectives are now working to determine if any of the robberies are related.

The suspects in all the robberies are described as black males, ranging from 25-35 years old. In each instance, there is either a lone robber or two men working together.


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