Producing enough food for 7 billion population

POSTED: Thursday, November 3, 2011 - 2:34pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

WACO -- As Gene Hall puts it, it was a Halloween gift to the world.

The 7 billionth person on the planet was born Monday.

But an increasing population needs increasing food production.

"We're going to have to grow more food than we ever have before," said Hall, public relations director for the McLennan County Texas Farm Bureau.

Texas rancher Marc Scott said it's a daunting task but with progressive production methods, a doable one.

"A lot of low-till or no-till practices. The no-till is, that's one of the key tools in conservation. You just, you keep the moisture down in the ground," said Scott.

Then there's the controversial method of genetically modified organisms or GMO's.

Which environmental groups argue are harmful to consumers.

"Many people don't like that, however, it has the potential for producing seeds that can be planted in previously unproductive lands," said Hall.

"I mean, it would, it would be great if everybody grew a garden in their backyard but you can't grow non-GMO corn and feed the, those other people that you need to feed," said Scott.

"If we're not denied the technology that we need to make this happen, then I think the answers yes we can feed those people," said Hall.

In order to move forward Hall said they don't need regulations from the EPA or FDA.

But instead, having knowledgeable people making decisions about the future of the agriculture industry based on science and not emotion.


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