Rapoport scholarship helps local college students

POSTED: Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 3:36pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:53am

MCLENNAN CO. -- Texas Board of Higher Education estimates more than 50 percent of students won't graduate college in six years. Adding to that,  hard economic times can make the decision stay in college even harder.

Dropping out of college is a feeling a student at TSTC, Robin Reid, is all too familiar with. "It can get a little stressful wondering if you're going to be able to finish up what you've worked hard for," Reid told Fox 44.

More than 100 TSTC students on the verge of graduation and dropping out because of financial troubles have been able to finish their education over the past few years through Brenard Rapoport's scholarship.

Robin, single mom and honor student, applied for Mr. Rapoport's scholarship just before graduation and just before having to drop out. "It's very stressful and very disappointing. It can really bring you down, but, like I said, I just kept my faith up and hoped for something to come through to help out with the expenses that needed to be in," said Reid.

Scholarship Director, Tom Stanton, says the main focus was to help students struggling financially. "The education they can get with their degree will give them an opportunity to make more money, to be more productive for their families and for themselves and their pride and their self esteem," said Stanton.

22 students finishing their education after the help from the scholarship met up today to thank Rapoport for the scholarship. Many students say without that they aren't sure if they would have a future.


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