Steve Jobs impact on Central Texas community

POSTED: Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 5:13pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

The world will never know what Apple legend Steve Jobs would think up next.

But in the short time he was here, many believe his ideas went well beyond his years.

"He was the spear tip into what's next. definitely without him we would be many, many years away of where we are today," Joseph Dolan, an instructor at Texas State Technical College said.

Dolan said when compared to other innovators the difference is Jobs brought the computer to life.

In 2001 the expectations of individualized technology changed tremendously with the unveiling of the first iPod.

Dolan says in those 10 years, we've taken advantage of the awe-inspiring advances.

"We take it for granted, just oh I've got an iPad, but it's so amazing, and that's all thanks to the innovations of Steve Jobs," he said.

Jobs created not only a product, but a community and Dolan said he hopes continued demand for Apple products will keep the company's creative juices flowing.

"They have people who want their stuff, they want to see what Apple can still do, so it's going to force the company to keep envisioning," Dolan said.

Particularly on college campuses, Apple products bring together all different aspects of a students life.

"If I didn't have those products my life would be a lot, a lot more difficult, and my assignments here at school, and being able to communicate with people, so it's something that's personal, and that I use very, very often," one Baylor student said.

Even if you're not an Apple user, chances are the products you are using have been advanced through Steve Jobs innovations.

"No matter if you like Steve Jobs, you think Apple's are bad, Apple's are good, they're amazing or what not, it's really sad to have him gone, because of all the things he's changed for us, as a nation and as a world," Dolan said.


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