String of burglaries lead police to an arrest

POSTED: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 - 4:40pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

COLLEGE STATION -- Tensions are heightened in College Station after a string of recent burglaries, so when two police officers noticed something odd, their instincts led them to catch a thief, red-handed.

The summer time is always a hot spot for thefts and home break-ins.

Public Information Officer, Rhonda Seaton says, "I think during the summer they know just in general a lot of people vacation, not just the students but a lot of people vacation and I think they try to scope out the houses all around town that look like nobody is at home."

So when police were patrolling the 1300 block of Barthelow late Sunday night, they were on high alert.

When officers were on patrol, they noticed that someone had cut a hole through the chain link fence

"They saw a male, carrying what appeared to be a large bag. the male saw the officers, dropped the bag, and took off running and the officers chased him," said Seaton.

When police finally caught Derron Marquis Humphrey, they went back to the scene and found expensive, stolen goods.

"He took some DVD's', a television, some electronics, some Blue Ray discs, some video games so a lot of stuff that's easy to kind of pick up and carry."

Electronics are golden to thieves, so Officer Seaton urges everybody to keep a record of all your equipment's serial numbers in case it is ever stolen.

Officer Seaton also encourages residents to leave your lights on timers and TVs or radios on to make it look like someone is always home.


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