Toddler dies after being severely injured by teenage babysitter

POSTED: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 5:00pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

A 14-year-old boy was babysitting his two younger siblings and a one-year-old girl on Tuesday, at 5400 Lauren Lea Drive Letter B. That's when, police say, he severely injured the one-year-old, Janyha Graves, who later died.

When police arrived on scene they performed CPR on Janyha, and air-lifted her to the hospital, but it was too late. Public Information Officer, Carol Smith, says "anytime anybody's injured it's not good, but it hits close to home, I think, when a young child, 19 month old, really can't defend themselves when something like this happens."

A woman just down the road from where the incident occurred, Dorothy Locke, says she understands how the girls mother feels, because she lost her son unexpectedly as well. Locke says, "like part of you dies with your kids too, and it'll never be right no more. You know, the holidays, the birthdays, you miss out on that. You never can tell them you love them no more."

Locke encourages the community to keep the family in their prayers, because that is what helped her through her sons death.

The teenager is in Bell County Juvenile Detention Center, charged with injury to a child. More information will be available as police continue investigating.


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