Two local Bryan business owners become reality tv stars

POSTED: Friday, October 14, 2011 - 4:31pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

BRYAN -- If you were given the opportunity to ride cross country with your best friend on your motorcycle, would you do it?

Well that's exactly what two local Bryan business owners did when they were given the chance.

But-- there was a catch.

Their 65-day motorcycle trip would filmed by the History Channel and turned into a TV show.

And now the two are about to become reality TV stars.

Best friends for more than 20 years, Bill Allen and Paul Patranella, never thought they'd have their own reality TV show.

"The last thing that I think Bill and I were expecting was reality television," said Patranella, owner of The Bait Barn.

Allen, owner of Bill Allen Motorcycle Company, agreed, "It's a dream, it's a crazy dream."

A crazy dream that's becoming a reality when their TV show "Hairy Bikers" premieres tonight on the History Channel.

"I don't think that anybody can think, hey one day I'm going to be on the History Channel," said Allen.

During the season's 12 episodes, Allen and Patrenlla, travel to 46 different cities all across the United States immersing themselves in the local food and culture.

The duo doesn't just tour the places they visit, they also get down and dirty hunting, killing, and preparing their own food.

"The whole object of this trip is to dig in to the locals as deep as you can get as quick as you can while you're still there," said Patranella.

"It's Americana on it's most local level," Allen said.

He hopes viewers can watch the show and take away a little something after each episode.

"This show is about good times, discovering the whole country and how things change from one state to the next and how traditions are made so it has something for everybody," said Allen.

Because it's all about following your dreams and going on that next big adventure.

And now that the pair's road trip is over and they are back to their normal lives, they say they won't let the "reality-star" status phase them.

Allen joked, "We've been calling it Collywood. We're from College Station, College Station-Bryan, TX. We aren't going anywhere."

That is unless they're asked to pack up for another season.

"We're ready to go somewhere else. We're ready to go checkout something new as long as they let us ride our motorcycles then no big deal," Patranella said.


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