Update: Judge denies Sturdivant's bond reduction request

POSTED: Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 3:41pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 8:54am

On Wednesday, the judge refused to grant Ms. Sturdivants wish to reduce her bond. Her bond was set at $1 million, and she wanted it down to $100,000.

Prosecutor Guy Cox says, the defense claimed her health had greatly deteriorated since she had been in jail. They say she doesn't have enough money, and she is not a flight risk. However, Cox says her health has been fine for the last couple years, and thinks she was lying.

When asked about the bond amount, Cox said, "the punishment is either death by lethal injection, or life without parole, you know, I thought it was appropriate."

Even Ms. Sturdivant's son, Joe Sullins Jr., testified against her.

Cox said Ms. Sturdivant planned her husbands murder. He says, "we believe the evidence showed that she went out and tried to hire two men to kill her husband. She wasn't going to do it herself."

However, after speaking with several of Ms. Sturdivant's friends, they insist that she is innocent.

For now, Sturdivant will remain in jail, until posting her million dollar bond, or the arraignment.

After two and a half years of investigating a Robinson man's murder, his wife is now the prime suspect.

Joe Sturdivant was shot and killed at his home, in Robinson, in October, of 2008. Police say his wife, Joyce Sturdivant, called Robinson police saying she found her husband in a pool of blood.

Mrs. Sturdivant was arrested Wednesday, at the Sturdivant's Automatic Transmission Service, in Waco, which she owned with her husband.

Chief of Robinson Police, Rusty Smith, says "the employees there were shocked. You know, this is their boss, and their concerned whether their going to have a job or not."

However, some community members we spoke to say they are not surprised she was arrested. They only wonder why it took this long.

Police say they had no information who killed Mr. Sturdivant, and considered everyone as suspects at the time. They are not finished investigating and say "the case doesn't stop just because there's a Grand Jury indictment. They will continue investigating the case, and prepare themselves for the trial."

The trial date has not be set, but at that time, Mrs. Sturdivant will have the chance to tell her side of the story.


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