UPDATE: Man arrested in murder/robbery after man's body found on Hwy 21

POSTED: Monday, March 26, 2012 - 1:14pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 12:31am

BRAZOS COUNTY -- Brazos County investigators believe they now know what happened to the body that was found lying on a private driveway Friday morning off Highway 21.

Fox 28's Lauren Holman spoke with the sheriff and has the latest on the developing case.

It's a bizarre and unbelievable crime that left 43-year-old Clifford Wischnewsky of Tomball dead.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said that Wischnewsky was gunned down and robbed by an unlikely suspect.

"He had been told of two Polaris all terrain vehicles that were for sale up here," said Sheriff Kirk. "He said that he saw it on Craigslist and so his brother arranged for the meeting and so they were driving up together."

That's when things took a drastic change.

Sheriff Kirk said Clifford exchanged a text message to a friend saying "Things aren't right." He was then robbed, shot twice in the head and left for dead and since investigators knew his brother, Kyle, was with him they were concerned there may have been another body.

"It gave our investigators some great concern that his brother may have been killed or injured, so we started our investigation in searching the area, looking for more victims."

Investigator's then tracked Kyle's cell phone and found that he was alive and well, checked into a Carlsbad, New Mexico motel.

"That kind of changed his status in our minds. We knew now that he was not injured or hurt and he was driving a stolen vehicle so he then became a suspect in our mind."

Kyle Wischnewsky was taken into custody Saturday by a SWAT team for capital murder. He's being held on one million dollars bail.

And Sheriff Kirk says he believes the Craigslist purchase was just a hoax.

"The whole time it was Kyle's intent to lure his brother to an area and steal his money."

Investigators are in Carlsbad following up on the investigation and working to extradite Kyle back to Brazos County.

Kyle has admitted to investigators that he shot and robbed his brother.

He also told investigators that Clifford had brought his dog, Marley, along on the trip. After Clifford was shot, Kyle drove about five miles away from the crime scene and let the dog out of the truck. Officials are now asking that if you find a wandering dog to call the Brazos County Sheriff's office immediately.

Clifford Wischnewsky leaves behind a son.


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