Copperas Cove middle schooler brings gun to school

Now in juvenile detention

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 10:49pm

A 13-year-old Copperas Cove middle-schooler is in juvenile detention after bringing a gun to school

Copperas Cove Sergeant Kevin Keller arrived at S. C. Lee Junior High School at 10:23 am.

“The school received information from a fellow student that the gun was on campus. That’s where the
information came," said Keller.

“There was a 13-year-old male Copperas Cove resident who was attained. He was charged with 'Places
Weapons Prohibited' for having the weapon on school property.”

The gun was unloaded and was never used in a threatening manner.

“I wanna make it very clear that at no point was this gun ever brandished. Nobody was ever directly threatened with the handgun.

Guns and Texas go hand-in-hand. Guns and kids don’t.

Jean Tran owns JT Sports- a gun store just miles from the junior high. She shows a new security feature for a handgun.

“The Bertha, for example, as you can see the 'S' is for safe, the F'' is for fire," said Tran while pointing to a key hole on the handgun's profile.

Tran says gun safety is essential if you plan on having a gun under the same roof as a kid.

Once you do decide to have a gun around. There are a few ways to keep it safe from children.

“You can have a safe in the house. There are plenty of sporting stores that sells safes and, you know,
there are trigger locks, barrel locks. There are several different ways you can keep your gun away from a
child," said Tran.

Luckily, nobody was hurt.

And Sergeant Keller has praise for the school.

“We are very thankful the CCISD was on top of this incident. By the time we got there they pretty much had the situation under control," said Keller.

"We are very thankful the staff was proactive in getting their hands on
this weapon.”

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