Waco elderly scam thwarted

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 1:55pm

Waco Police have released details of an elaborate plan to scam an elderly woman out of thousands of dollars. They want to bring it to light to prevent another attempt.

On November 16th, police were tipped off that an older resident at the Lakeshore Estates retirement community was in the process of being scammed.

“An elderly woman received a phone call from a female. The female said, ‘You have won the Publishers Clearinghouse Giveaway. Don’t tell anybody. Keep this a secret." said Sgt. Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department.

The woman was told a cab was to be sent her way and that she needed to take out two thousand dollars.

After handing over the money, the woman could then claim her supposed prize.

“She at least, thank goodness, told her daughter, ‘Guess what? I’ve won. They are sending me a cab to get money for earnest money.' The daughter said ‘Something’s not right here," said Swanton.

The daughter called the police, who then called the cab company to cancel the ride.

“She was fixing to be taken for a good sum of money, and had that happened, she would have been out her money and nothing in return," said Swanton.

“These are criminals that have no scruples- they have no morals. All they’re worried about is turning a fast buck and they could care less who they are doing it to.”

Sgt. Swanton has seen stuff like this before, and not all targets are vulnerable people.

“We’ve had these type of scams that have happened to people who are educated. Professional people who are young, white, black, hispanic- it doesn’t matter," said Swanton.

If you are ever caught in a similar situation, Swanton advises to call your local police department and let them make a few calls for you.

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