Hudson family posts ultimate no-trespassing sign

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POSTED: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 1:16pm
UPDATED: Friday, April 13, 2012 - 9:54am

HUDSON — “Try to break into this house again, your head will be blown off!” warns a sign, in capital letters, in 71-year-old Claudia Holland’s front yard off state Highway 94 west.

A week-and-a-half ago someone kicked in Holland’s front door around 11:30 p.m., after she had gotten ready for bed. Her dogs — Jesse, Hank and miniature chihuahua Speedy — were on top of things, though.

“The dogs started barking. I got up to see what they were barking at and when I walked to the living room, the person kicked the door in. I figured they’d kill me,” Holland said, eyes wide and shaking her head. “I walked through the door and said, ‘Who is this?’ My door, of course, was standing wide open.

“I figured it was the dogs that saved my life. They were growling and snapping.”

Normally, Holland doesn’t stay by herself, but her son who lives with her wasn’t home. This was the first time anything like this has happened to Holland in more than 40 years of living in her Hudson home.

“It wasn’t that late. I guess because there were no cars here, they thought no one was home. That’s what the sheriff’s office told me,” she said. “I found out later that a house two miles down the road got broken into the same night and they went on into that one and stole some stuff.”

Knowing he would soon be going out of town, Holland’s son got a little creative with warding off would-be burglars. The ultimate no-trespassing sign has been in place since last week.

“My son called and had AdFab come out here. I expected it to be a little sign put over to the side, but it wasn’t. It kind of embarrassed me, I tell you,” she said with a laugh. “There’s been a lot of comments and just a lot of laughing, like people won’t come by here anymore.”

As for the would-be burglars, Holland said they shouldn’t return.

“I hope they don’t come back. They better not,” she said, nodding toward the sign with a sly smile.

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