"Light Up Carver" aims to place more street lights in an East Waco neighborhood

POSTED: Monday, February 11, 2013 - 2:53pm
UPDATED: Monday, February 11, 2013 - 4:10pm

Leaders of a large East Waco neighborhood say many of their residents are scared to go outside at night due to fears of possible criminal activity. And, they think street lights could be the solution.

"We want to have our streets like other neighborhoods in the city of Waco," said Restoration Haven Executive Director Shirley Langston.

Street lights are high on the priority list for residents looking to create a safer atmosphere.

"I think people tend to be more hesitant to go outside, and so, to bring new lighting in definitely encourages people to get outside," said Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative Program Manager, Britt Duke.

"Light Up Carver" is a project organized through the Neighborhood Restoration Initiative and Resoration Haven. It's been in the works for the past year. They want to bring in more street lights to detour crimes at night. Police say street lights can help cut down on corrupt activity. And residents can also put lights around their own homes.

"It certainly can make a difference. Typically, the criminal element doesn't want to be seen and will gather in areas, maybe where there's not so much light," said Waco Police Spokesman Patrick Swanton.

This particular East Waco community is occupied predominately by an older African-American population with low income.

"People are walking a lot because a lot of people don't have cars in this community. So, we feel like if we have more lights in our neighborhood, it'll make it safer for people who are walking by foot," said Langston.

So far, the project has been successful in getting lights that are already in place but have gone out turned back on through the city. Within the next year, they hope to have more lights placed on various streets.

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