Marlin residents without water asking city to step up

Volunteers help with hot water and laundry

POSTED: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 3:25pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 - 9:26pm

Roughly twenty residents in Marlin have had water problems on and off again for the past four months. The city says they are doing what they can but residents say they aren’t helping fast enough.

And now volunteers of faith are helping out.

Douglas Riddle moved into his family’s home on Agarita Drive six months ago.

“I’ve had water problems ever since I moved in. I talked to the people at the water office. Nothing happened," said Riddle.

“Just imagine if you were going to go to work, explained Riddle. You turn your shower on and got zero pressure. You might get a trickle, you might not.”

For the past four months or so, he and about 20 of his neighbors have had little or no water.

The problem was a result of a bad freeze and old infrastructure.

But now it’s causing bigger problems; Just this week a young girl down the street was severely burned while trying to boil water.

A little relief arrived Tuesday night when the Texas Baptist Men showed up with a custom built trailer that has six shower heads and two washer and dryers.

“A hot shower and clean clothes would just make all the difference in the world, said Stan Knight. In the bible Jesus says, ‘Give a cup of cold water in my name.’ So we’re just fulfilling some physical needs and hopefully some spiritual needs as well."

Two weeks ago the city council approved a project to fix the problem. But that was two weeks ago, and the residents around the area say they’ve yet to see crews at work.

"Get on the stick and get it done, said Riddle. They told me it would be three weeks. Well, if they work the way they’re working now, it will be three months. But I want them to get off their rear ends and get busy with it."


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