McLennan Community College looking for more male and minority scholarship applicants

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 4:07pm

We've all heard parents complain about the high cost of college tuition, but have you and your student applied for **all the free money that is available to you?

In Waco, McLennan Community College officials are trying to “even the playing field” of those accepted into their Bernard & Audre Rapoport First Generation Program. Since the program was adapted in 2004, school officials noticed many of their accepted males and minorities have not taken advantage of the opportunities the program provides.

The program was started up by a grant through the Texas Guaranteed Benefit, which awarded scholarships and grants yearly. Also, the Bernard and Aundre Rapoport Foundation funded 80 percent of the program’s money, equaling a total of more than 1.6 million dollars available to students. The Bernard and Aundre Rapoport Foundation has also pledged a one million dollar endowment into the program.

"It's really a phenomenon all across the country, where many of the high school male seniors are not going on to college. Many apparently are going into the armed forces or not attending college at all," said Harry Harelik, Executive Director of the McLennan Community College Foundation.

To help ease the application process, school officials have made it available online in the last year. And, an essay is no longer necessary to apply. Now, you just have to write a paragraph about yourself and why you want to be in the program.

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