3 arrested for organized crime in Waco

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POSTED: Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 10:37am
UPDATED: Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 5:36pm

Beginning in June of 2013 Detective Clark began investigating several cases where suspects were using counterfeit U.S. Currency to make purchases.

The investigation revealed that suspects were buying items, mnostly electonics, from individuals who were selling  them on Craigslist. The suspects would make contact with the victim, set up the sell location and then purchase the items with counterfeit money.

Since the onset of the investigation, the Waco Police Department received at least 24 of these types of cases involving the same scheme.

Detective Clark’s investigation has led to the arrest of the following individuals in these cases:

  • Tony Glenn Fisher
  • Samantha Williams-Karcher
  • Dennis Glenn Bridger

All of the suspects are from the Waco area and have been charged with engaging in organized crime.

Arrests of additional suspects are forthcoming in these cases.


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Y'all really have made a big deal out of this and its not even accurate. I'm Tony fishers fiancee and mother of his kids alot if not all of this story is wrong my man was in dallas county jail in June of 2013 so how does that apply,to him? I don't get how y'all really think he did it and y'all are just going off of some weak ass people, tellin y'all what y'all know and they don't even,know they are makin up stories cuz they don't want to get in trouble for whatever they are doing.FREE MY BABY!!!

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