30th Annual Sickle Cell Telethon this Sunday

POSTED: Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 5:16pm
UPDATED: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 6:14pm

On Sunday, Central Texas FOX will be hosting the 30th Annual Central Texas Sickle Cell Anemia Association telethon. It’s the flagship fundraiser for one of the last remaining Sickle Cell agencies in the state.

For 30 years, Reverend Gene Carter has been spreading awareness and helping people inflicted with Sickle Cell Anemia.

The inherited disease affects dark-skinned people. And though he doesn’t have it himself, many in his North Waco community do.

And he’s there for them to help out.

“Every time we find one who has Sickle Cell and needs our assistance, we go right in with our volunteers," said Carter, 80.

Each year Carter, local high schoolers and volunteers participate in an annual telethon broadcasted on Central Texas FOX.

His association runs on just $50,000 a year.

They’re not asking a lot from a little, they are asking a little from a lot.

“We ask people to give - even if it’s only five dollars. Give what you can,"said Carter.

"We don’t have any major foundations that donate to us. We don’t have any major gifts that come to us. We basically operate from month-to-month.”

Last year the community raised nearly 10,000 dollars. And beginning this Sunday at noon, you can help to top that number.

Carter said, “If there was no telethon, I don’t know how we would operate. So therefore, what we are doing to today, is we are appealing to the entire community of all groups, to pitch in and do your part."

For more information on the organization, or to donate, please visit their Facebook page, or call (254) 752-3441.


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I enjoyed being at Fox 44 today and look forward to participating next year.

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