Beta testers being selected for Google Glass

Sunday, October 6, 2013 - 3:30pm

The competition is now closed for those of you looking to try a pair of Google glasses.

The company says it received an overwhelming number of applicants to beta test the new technology.

In the movie "Minority Report", Tom Cruise's character uses cameras on his fingertips to help see crimes before they happen.

Google Glass doesn't quite let you see the future, but the company says the it does allow you to record the present.

"Ok glass, take a picture"

With simple vocal commands the specs are being touted as allowing wearers to take photos, send text messages and record videos, all hands free.

"This is sort of taking a smart phone-like an iPhone, or an android smart phone and putting it on your body."

The glasses don't have any real lenses. They're essentially a headband with a display screen hooked up to wifi allowing wearers to search the internet, see driving directions and view language translations on the go.

"Will people want to have this type of technology on their body at all times? If yes then it's a game changer."

"I always take pictures, and it's really convenient, it's right on my face. So that's awesome.

"I think it's too much technology. I mean it doesn't really let you enjoy the moment."

As google refines the product, it's making the glass available to select "beta testers".

The "testers" will be winners chosen from a competition based on creative tweets, but winners will have to spend $1,500 to buy the device. That's more than the average laptop.

"Yeah... that's expensive."

Expenses aside, Google, a company known for internet search domination, is moving even further into the product market.

Its Android operating system now dominates the smart phone market. It's introduced the driverless car.

And now, it's pushing into artificial intelligence. Google Glass, coming soon to a face near you.


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