Brenham ISD considering 'Angel Guardian' program allowing guns in classrooms

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 4:38pm

We've all seen the headlines before; innocent students and teachers killed in school shootings.

It's happened at Columbine, Newtown and just this week in Nevada.

Brenham ISD Superintendent, Sam Bell says it's a tragedy, "It's disappointing but that's where we are so it's our obligation, in order to keep our staff and students as safe as we can, to look at all avenues."

For the past several months BISD has been discussing the "Brenham Angel Guardian Program" allowing teachers or staff to anonymously volunteer to carry a gun at school to help boost security in the off-chance there is a threat on campus.

"Some believe it's a cowboy type atmosphere, guns on the hips and they're going to walk down the hall, but that is not it at all," said Bell. "It is concealed and if they have students in a classroom setting, it'll be in a biometric safe so it won't be on their body."

Bell adds staff must have their concealed handgun license, go through hours of law enforcement type training and shooting and pass a psychological exam before being allowed to participate in the program.

But not everyone thinks arming staff members with guns is a good idea.

Retired Brenham ISD teacher, LaSandra Sanders, thinks there are other options to consider first.

"Right now I would like to see more research done on this and just more reasons as to why because I personally don't feel comfortable with a teacher having a firearm," Sanders told us. "As a retired teacher myself, I would be afraid that a kid might try to overpower me if something came up."

Bell says though the "Brenham Angel Guardian Program" is just a proposal for now because there are still a lot of pros and cons to weigh.

"Why wouldn't we look at it? Why wouldn't every school and district in the state look at that issue and see if it going to work their community and district? If not then great, at least we looked at it and studied it," Bell says.

We're told a time table hasn't been set yet on when a decision needs to be made.

Currently there are around 70 other school districts in Texas using a similar plan.


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