Bryan ISD hits the streets during "blitz" to find dropouts

Bryan ISD
Friday, September 20, 2013 - 5:13pm

It's a problem every school district faces and Bryan Independent School District is no exception.

"When they've left or decided for whatever reason that they've chose not to come back to school, there's a reason for that," said BISD Superintendent, Dr. Tommy Wallis.

It's something Rudder High School Principal, Hugh Piatt, says he sees more than he'd like.

"Sometimes it's just life and when things happen a lot of times they don't see the options available to them so they just end up deciding to not come to school," Piatt tells us.

So in an effort to get Bryan students back in the classrooms, BISD administrators, faculty and community members fanned out across the city Friday to find those students who have dropped out.

"They don't want to talk to us in our offices, they don't want to talk to us in our suites and they don't want to come to the establishment or the man as they call it and tell their life stories but when we go to their homes, with their families where it's an intimate environment, it's just great because they'll tell us why and we can look at it and say that's a reason we understand but here's how we can help you reach your goals of graduating," said Dr. Wallis.

Going door-to-door in an all out "blitz" BISD reached out to more than 100 dropouts.

And while not everyone answered the door both Dr. Wallis and Principal Piatt say if they can get one student to come back to school then that's a success.

"When you really can sit down with one that's gone through a hardship or a difficult time and help them graduate, it really feels good," said Dr. Wallis.

Principal Piatt added, "When they come across the stage and give you a big hug you know, it's so great to see them successful because now they actually have a chance at a future."

This is the fourth consecutive year BISD has held the community dropout prevention blitz. and Dr. Wallis tells us each year they have less and less houses to knock on because more and more students are going back to school.


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