City of Bryan implementing new golf programs

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 4:16pm

BRYAN -- In an effort to attract more golfers to their municipal course, the city of Bryan is getting creative.

After brainstorming, the Bryan Parks and Recreation Department decided to implement several new programs to help encourage golfers of all ages and abilities to come out and play.

Today, in one of the first new programs, campers from Bryan's park and recreation summer camps got to learn how to play golf using over-sized equipment called SNAG.

"One of the five top reasons people don't play golf anymore is because they say it's too dificult so this breaks it down," said parks and recreation director, Darrell Lovelette. "With the equipment it makes it very easy to learn. People don't get frustrated and they learn the proper technique and it transfers very well when they switch over to the regular equipment."

To find out what other programs and incentives are now being offered at the Travis B. Bryan Municipal Course, click here.


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