City discusses reburial of remains discovered at First Street Cemetery

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 - 5:18pm

The First Street Cemetery Advisory Memorial Committee met with the public Tuesday night, to listen to their input on the reburial of the First Street Cemetery remains.

The public presented their say on where the remains should be reburied, historical markers and memorial services. A suggestion was made to move the remains to the Rosemound Cemetery location.
The remains were found in 2007 during construction of the Texas Rangers Company F Headquarters.

Since the discovery of the first set, archeologist excavated 225 boxes of unmarked bones. According to archeologist Nesta Anderson, its unclear exactly how many are buried in the area. It could be several thousands based on funeral records and genealogical records compiled from the Boy Scouts.

In the 1960's the cemetery was converted into Fort Fisher Park.
Community members say this is their chance to do what's right.

"Dignity, small but dignified. Give these people the dignity that they didn't get. Now we will be able to give it to them and it gives you a good feeling. To do something for somebody who cant do for themselves anymore," Said committee member, Reverend Willie Stanley.

Further recommendations will be presented at the next council meeting.


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