Civil rights activist investigating Hearne Police shooting

POSTED: Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 4:41pm
UPDATED: Monday, January 7, 2013 - 11:52am

It's been two days since a 28-year-old Hearne resident was shot and killed by police and the questions surrounding the case are still unclear, making friends and family wonder if the police have something to hide.

Now one Austin man is making it his mission to find out the truth and seek justice for the family.

Tederalle Satchell's family just wants answers about Sunday's shooting but police aren't talking.

"By the fact that no one, the police department, is not speaking with anybody shows also further evidence that they're hiding something."

What exactly happened Sunday morning is unclear.

Police will only say that "there was an officer involved shooting resulting in the death of a subject" but Tederalle's friends and family are adamant about the fact that they think he was wrongfully killed.

"All I know about this situation is that it wasn't a fair shake and I know that other procedures could have taken place other than him being shot," said neighbor, Reginald Erving. "I think it was just out of spite."

Dr. R. L. Johnson, a civil rights activist with the Royal Society Civil Rights in Austin, is launching his own investigation into the case because he says he believes this is an issue of race.

"Yes by all means this is racial, by all means it's racial," said Dr. Johnson. I will make it my business, my personal business, to make sure that justice is served."

The Hearne Police Department was already under investigation before Sunday's shooting for another officer-involved shooting back in July so Dr. Johnson says he will do everything in his power to bring charges against whoever is at fault.

"It is very important that justice must take it's place for the family, for the victims, for this community and for the people as a whole here in this city," Dr. Johnson said.

We reached out to the Hearne Police Department for comment but they declined to give us any more information, pending the results of the investigation.

The Texas Rangers are assisting.


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Does this mean that the good Doctor will file a claim against Satchell if he brought this all upon himself?

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