College Station could reconsider game day housing ordinance

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 4:59pm

There just aren't enough hotel rooms to go around and it's a problem homeowners are taking advantage of, in order to make some quick cash by renting out their houses, even though it's not allowed in College Station.

"We consider game day housing to be a hotel use and hotels and motels are only permitted in commercial zonings and not residential," said Staff Planner, Morgan Hester.

So before the football season started the city made a big push to educate residents about the ordinance and with the season halfway over Hester says they haven't had nearly the same amount of complaints or code enforcement issues they did last year.

"Either people have become compliant with the ordinance or it's just not really as big of a problem as last season," she tells us.

It's causing the city to re-think the game day rental issue and possibly allow it in the future.

"The popularity is not stopping," said Hester. "You know, people are still wanting to come, hotels are still being booked and it's not just football weekends, it's graduation weekend or those kinds of things."

City Council members will consider taking action Thursday night. Only council can decide if a new ordinance should be written.

And while it's unclear how they'll vote Hester says regardless the idea of renting your house out isn't going away anytime soon so it's better to be proactive about the issue now rather than re-active later.


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