College Station sees increased water demand

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 4:15pm

When the temperatures rise, people tend to use more water and it's a habit College Station city officials say they're concerned about.

"We really have enough capacity to be able to meet our demands of the population but when we have excessive use or wasteful use and irrigation systems just going full blast then that's when we're getting up to our capacity," said water resource coordinator, Jennifer Nations.

Just this week the city has already seen record water usage, peaking as high as 26 million gallons per day.

That's higher than the levels during the historic drought of 2011.

"If we're already seeing that now then that tells me that August is going to look really bad if things don't change."

Nations says now is the time for people to start conserving their water before it becomes a mandatory restriction.

"If our demands get up to 26.1 millions for three consecutive days, you know if it's averaging that for three days, then that represents 90 percent of what we can pump out of the ground and transmit so we'll enter stage two of our drought plan because we need to protect the integrity of our system," Nations said.

So if we all do our part now to use less, we won't have to see restrictions later when it's even hotter out in August.


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