East Texan wins big on 'The Price is Right'

Thursday, May 8, 2014 - 9:18am

Tyler, TX (KETK) -- An East Texas woman will be packing up her bags and taking flight within the next year after she won big on "The Price is Right."

Angela Raymond, of Huxley, and sister Jennifer Spradley headed out west to Los Angeles for a teachers conference. Little did they know a fun excursion would turn into the story of a lifetime, rather a prize worth $23,142.31.

Raymond, who's been a fan of "The Price is Right" since watching it as a young child with her grandma, bought tickets ahead of time to a March 5 taping of the show. When the excited pair arrived at the set, they soon discovered they would compete with about 300 other people to hear those famous words, "Come on down!"

After 3-4 hours of paperwork and other pre-show preparations, the middle school teacher had her one minute to prove to a producer that she was worthy of being named one of the nine contestants with enough spunk to land in America's living room. The magical moment happened soon after she filed into the studio and took her seat. Raymond was one of the first four contestants selected to bid on a prize.

"Oh my gosh, I was so surprised and taken back. My adrenaline was flowing," the Deadwood native said. "When you hear your name called, it's surreal and things just start happening fast."

Not only was the East Texan in the first group to bid, but she was the first contestant on the show, outbidding another contest at $499 by $1. She had just arrived in the studio and already had an espresso machine to show for it.

Raymond would try her hand at Flip Flop, a game where you match the first numbers and the last number of multiple prizes to win in an all or nothing situation. Unfortunately, luck was not on her side-- yet --and she guessed wrong on the stainless kitchen appliances.

However, Raymond said she wasn't down, it's just not a part of her upbeat personality. She was excited to spin the wheel.

After waiting in the audience, Raymond returned to the stage for her chance at the showcase. Her first spin on the wheel, which Raymond said is heavier than it looks, landed on 5 cents. She followed with 90 cents for a grand total of 95 cents. She was looking solid to win the other two contestants yet to spin.

After both of other contestants failed to beat her. The teacher went back to the audience again, but this time with a unique feeling.

"I was so excited for other people. I kept thinking 'I'm going to the Showcase!' Oh, my gosh! It's unreal."

When the time arrived, Raymond was picking second because the other contestant had won more in prizes. He passed on the first showcase: A trip to Fiji, A 2014 Yamaha Deluxe jet ski and a trip to Sedona, Arizona. The show labeled it the "Earth Wind and Fire" showcase.

With the pressure on, she bid $19,775 in hopes she wouldn't overbid a $20,000 prize.

The second showcase arrived: A private jet to Las Vegas and a new car. Her opponent bid $22,500.

"I just really bid on the car because I didn't want to overbid and I didn't know what a private jet cost," he told Raymond.

"Don't look at me, I'm from Huxley!" said Raymond in her best East Texas twang.

It was only moments before Drew would reveal the East Texan had won by underbidding by only $2,800, compared to $7,000 from her counterpart.

After giving the final wave goodbye to her TV audience, the Longansport, Louisiana, teacher would sign paper work and go to relax at a nearby restaurant. Little did she know she'd wrap up the day dining with the cast and crew, minus Drew Carey, who was shooting "Dancing with the Stars."

Until April 30, when the show aired, Raymond couldn't tell anyone about the outcome. With family and friends together for a small watch party at Trails Inn Grocery and RV in Huxley, they relived the moment together, and then it was back to school.


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