Funding for surrendered animals in McLennan County gone

Tuesday, June 12, 2012 - 3:02pm

WACO -- Surrendering an animal to the Humane Society may temporarily cost you.

Months of heavy surrender traffic has exhausted the current contract between McLennan County and the Humane Society of Central Texas, which means all the funds to take in new animals is gone.

The current contract allowed for the care of 800 animals.

The Humane Society hit that limit four months before a new contract could be signed.

However we're told a temporary contract is in the works.

"We have offered to allow the county to pay per animal. It would still be on a monthly billing cycle but they would not have to pay anymore or any less, and we also would not have to come back and possible ask for more funds," Gina Ford with the Humane Society of Central Texas said.

That means if you are a Waco resident this does not effect you.

However, all others will have to pay 45 dollars per animal surrendered until the new contract is accepted.

The Humane Society says the mild winter caused an increase in litters and 148 animals were surrendered in May.


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