Greg Abbott's campaign trail stops in Belton

POSTED: Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 7:25pm
UPDATED: Thursday, November 14, 2013 - 11:12pm

Rick Perry has been governor for almost 13 years, and even though the vote is a year away, Texans will decide who will replace him next November.

Greg Abbott, the current Attorney General is a GOP hopeful.

His campaign trail led him to Belton Thursday. In front of a handful of supporters and factory workers, Abbott laid out his 'We the People' policy.

Abbott said he wants to keep current policies in place that has made Texas’ economy stronger than most.

He also said he will continue his fight against Obamacare and what he calls an over-reaching federal government.

Abbott is calling for school board and lawyer legislation reform as wll.

But one thing he talked about extensively was personal liberty as he railed against government surveillance and the idea of Texas selling personal information of its citizens to third parties.

Abbott said, “We’re seeing government get out of control as it concerns our individual freedoms. We’re seeing these big-government agencies, whether it be Obamacare, or NSA, or the IRS digging too deep into our lives."

"I want to make sure we do all we can in the state of Texas to keep government off people's backs, try to prevent it from running too much of your lives and taking too much of your money.”

Abbott, who is bound to a wheelchair due to a freak accident involving a fallen tree, is going up against Democrat State Rep. Wendy Davis.

Davis made a big splash earlier this year with her filibuster over abortion rights at the capitol in Austin.

However, Abbott believes her values conflict with the majority of Texans.

“People in the state of Texas believe in conservative principles and less government and more freedom and keeping more of your tax dollars,” said Abbott.

“I think the big-government, big-spending, big-tax proposals that she stands for are contrary to those of most Texans.”

Abbott held a meet-and-greet with those attending before hitting the campaign trail once more for a similar press conference in Dallas.


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