Grimes Co. hosts unclaimed funds event

POSTED: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 4:30pm
UPDATED: Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 4:17pm

GRIMES COUNTY -- It's almost like hitting the jackpot.

"It's like winning the lottery in a small way or it could be even larger," said Dorothy Holtkamp.

In Grimes County alone, there's more than $1.1 million in unclaimed funds.

So on Wednesday the Grimes County Treasurer and representatives from the Comptroller's Office held an event so Central Texans could find out if they are owed any extra cash.

"When you can come in and talk with an individual and they can sit down and tell you, 'Ok you have this paperwork but you really need one other thing and you can mail it to us, then we'll send your check in the mail,'" said Grimes County Treasurer, Janice Trant. "How simple is that, why wouldn't you do that?"

That's exactly why Holtkamp came to check and sure enough she was surprised to find out there was money waiting for her.

"It isn't a whole lot but it is less than $50."

Others got even luckier.

"It's very good," said Socorro Orozco. "I mean it's $575 so now I can go buy myself something or buy something for the company."

The process took about 15 minutes but if you didn't make it out to the event there are still ways you can check for unclaimed funds.

It's as easy as going to to find out it you have money waiting for you.

Holtkamp says, "You have nothing to lose and possibly something to gain."


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