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State and local officials gather in Waco for Caterpillar

WACO -- Caterpillar celebrated the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Waco Monday. State and local officials all showed up for the ribbon cutting. They say it further defines Waco's economic strength.

Texas has highest number of minimum wage empolyees

In 2010, there were 550,000 Texas workers who worked for minimum wage, or even less, more than any other state. Nearly half of those hourly-paid workers were women.

Update: Two men arrested for Romo's murder

Police have arrested two men for the murder of Nathan Romo. 28-year-old Willie Contreras was arrested Friday afternoon, during a traffic stop.

Police still searching for boy who escaped Bell County Juvenile Detention Center

KILLEEN --Police are searching for a 14-year-old boy who escaped from juvenile hall, and neighbors living near the facility are wondering how he  got out in the first place.

Two teens arrested stealing beer

TEMPLE -- Two teens are now in custody after trying to run off with stolen beer. Police tell us 18-year-old George Reyes and 18-year-old Cyrus McKenzie were trying to steal an 18 pack of beer when the clerk confronted them.

FBI looks for serial bank robber

A serial bank robber has been hitting the Killeen and Austin area, since September of last year.

Injured robber gets out of hospital without police knowing it

WACO -- Police say one of the men who robbed a woman at the Lone Star Motel last month has finally been arrested. David Means was shot by his partner in crime, Joshua Batey.

Man runs from police with three-year-old in car

TEMPLE -- A Temple man took police on a chase Wednesday with a three-year-old sitting in the car. 22-year-old Dustin Randolph was wanted for theft.

Update: Man caught after robbing six homes in Temple

Police have arrested 27-year-old, Brandon Breaux, Wednesday afternoon, on South 22nd St. in Temple. He is charged with Burglary of Habitation, and is now in Bell County Jail, with a suggested $50,000 dollar bond.

Update: Judge denies Sturdivant's bond reduction request

On Wednesday, the judge refused to grant Ms. Sturdivants wish to reduce her bond. Her bond was set at $1 million, and she wanted it down to $100,000.