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Shoppers hit up Bell County's largest consignment sale

BELL COUNTY -- The largest consignment sale in Central Texas is going on at the Bell County Expo Center.

Transformers head through Central Texas to be used in Japan

WACO -- Three long-haul rigs  loaded with huge transformers are headed to Japan Friday. The last of the transformers passed through Central Texas Friday morning.

Wounded warriors ride through Central Texas

FORT HOOD -- On their way from San Antonio to Arlington, more than 200 wounded warriors rode to recovery through Central Texas. Their first stop was in Fort Hood, it was a sight to see. These soldiers were truly defying the odds.

Waco robbers kick in door, rob person of belongings

A Waco resident in the 4200 block of Brookcrest Circle was the victim of a home invasion early this morning.

Stop and Shop robbed in Waco

A Stop and Shop store attendant was robbed at knife-point Wednesday night. Police say a black man walked into the shop with a knife and demanded money along with other items from the employee.

Pizza man knocked out, robbed of pizza and cash

A Domino's pizza deliveryman was knocked unconscious and robbed by two men Tuesday.

Wounded warriors will be making their way through Waco tomorrow

WACO- More than 200 wounded warriors will be making their way through Central Texas tomorrow.

A&M finally beats Baylor Lady Bears

It was a surprise lose by the top seeded Lady Bears, who lost Tuesday night to the Aggies 58-46, after they had beat them three times this season.

Man tries to run over police officer during chase

KILLEEN -- A 54-year-old man is in police custody when he took police on a chase and attempted to run over an officer. This after he stole an item from a trailer.

Wounded Warriors biking through Central Texas Thursday

WACO -- More than 200 wounded warriors will be making their way through Central Texas Thursday. It's all part of their ride to recovery. The warriors will be biking in on their way to Arlington from San Antonio.