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Police officer arrested after exposing himself in mall parking lot

A Bryan police officer was arrested Thursday, after allegedly exposing himself at the Post Oak Mall parking lot.

Man in prison for shooting his estranged wife, and killing her lover

A Belton man was sentenced to state prison for murder and attempted murder. Police say Jeffrey Treacher shot his estranged wife, and her lover, Mark Gibbs, on Christmas day in 2009.

Mobile home fire kills three people in Bellmead

A fire in Bellmead Wednesday morning took the life of three people. Officials say a woman, her fiance, and a teen on spring break, were all inside a mobile home on the 1100 block of Woodbine, when the home caught fire.

House delays hearing on texting while driving ban

WACO -- A family of a girl who died while texting and driving warned of the dangers at the Capitol today. Lawmakers in Austin delayed the hearing for the bill, but the family still spoke out about their concerns.

Senate to consider smoking ban

The Senate Human Services Committee voted Tuesday, to ban smoking in all public places in Texas, including bars and restaurants.

Annual crime report shows Temple crime down

TEMPLE -- Temple police have released their annual crime report. Overall, crime dropped by 14 percent.

Students spend Spring Break building home with Habitat for Humanity

WACO -- It's Spring Break time for colleges in Central Texas, and you might picture spring breakers on the beach or relaxing at home. However, one group of students is doing the exact opposite; they're building a house.

Teachers protest proposed education budget

The state budget will be finalized by legislators in just over two months. Now, some Central Texas teachers are taking action, and protesting to save education funds.

Man with pistol sexually assaults woman in Cameron park

A woman reported to police Tuesday that she was sexually assaulted at Cameron Park earlier that morning at around 9:00 a.m. 

Waco man kidnaps fiance

WACO -- A woman was kidnapped in Waco early Sunday morning by her fiance. It happened just after 1:00 am at the Old School Club on 19th and Reuter.