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Bath salt use escalates in Central Texas

TEMPLE -- They're sold in convenience stores and head shops all over Central Texas, and while they're sold as "bath salts", they're not being used in the tub.

Harker Heights man sentenced on child pornography charges

A Harker Heights man pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography found on his computer. He was sentenced Wednesday to federal prison.

Police negotiate with man barricaded in his Waco apartment

Just before 9 a.m. Thursday morning a man dialed 911 threatening to commit suicide.

70 pounds of cocaine found in driver's gas tank

WACO -- 70 pounds of cocaine was found hidden in a truck's gas tank. It's one of the biggest seizures of cocaine in Waco. Police pulled over Ramon Castro Wednesday just north of Waco for a routine traffic stop.

Woman shot by unknown man

At 2:37pm Wednesday, a woman was walking through the Lakewood Villa Apartment complex located at 1601 Spring Street when she saw two men fighting near her apartment.

Texas ranks number three in teen births

A new report shows Texas has the third highest teen birth rate of any state, and number one for repeat teen births.

Temple body found in Lake Belton identified

TEMPLE -- New details in the missing Temple Daily Telegram writer who went missing last month. Police have confirmed the body found in Lake Belton over the weekend is in fact  53-year-old Clifford Manuel.

Family search for missing Waco man

WACO -- A Waco family is looking 38-year-old Samuel Lang. His sister last saw him at his apartment Feb. 26. His family says he does suffer from schizophrenia and is currently on medication for his illness.

Victim fights back when man tries to steal car

WACO -- A man trying to steal a car flees when the victim fights back. It happened at the Teco convenient store in Waco just before three Wednesday morning.

UPDATE: Animals seized in Coryell County

CORYELL COUNTY -- More details in the neglected animal case in Coryell County. Houston SPCA is now working on getting the animals in good health and into good homes.