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Jeep Wrangler Sahara

I've mentioned before that I'm a Jeep guy. Looking at my beloved old '95 Wrangler and this is the 2009 Wrangler, all I can think is, what a difference two generations makes.

Bill aims to strengthen federal anti-stalking laws

New legislation is has been introduced that would strengthen federal anti-stalking laws. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison says it would address the new technology out there that predators are using to harass victims.

Winter storm causes flooding at apartment, displaces 40

WACO -- Fans gush air through rooms to dry what was once water flowing through the Salvation Army's Catherine Booth apartment complex Friday. The winter storm blew in some problems for the apartments and their tenants.

Waco Transit looks at ways to increase frequency

A local planning group conducted a community survey on Waco public transportation.

Pipe bursts at Family Abuse Center, progress on repairs

A pipe bust at the Family Abuse Center, in Waco, on Friday afternoon. Officials say last weeks severe winter weather caused the pipe in the attic to burst, displacing residents from their rooms.

DPS says: “Just say no to telemarketers”

The Department of Public Safety is warning Texans to be wary of any private charitable solicitations by telemarketers on behalf of the department.

False stabbing reported in College Station

COLLEGE STATION -- A man in College Station falsely reported a stabbing to police early this morning, leaving police looking for four men supposedly responsible for the stabbing.

Residents speak out about local Riot

WACO -- A riot in Waco Saturday night left police no choice but to use tear gas to disperse the crowd. It happened around 11 pm when a peaceful neighborhood turned into a prime location for a violent riot.

Riot breaks out at Waco YMCA

WACO -- A riot Saturday night had people throwing rocks and bottles at police in a peaceful neighborhood at local family recreation facility. Officers were called just after 11:00 to the YMCA located at 6800 Harvey Dr.

Waco airport reopens after ice blast

The Waco Regional Airport is back open again as of 2:50PM although all commercial flights for Saturday remain cancelled.